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Beauty Rarely Found

Saint Eustatius (Statia) is truly one of the few destinations in the Caribbean that can be honestly described as naturally beautiful and unspoiled. It is destined to remain that way. Cruise ships will never call here. Rather than tourists, the island teems with rare and exotic life forms that include 35 globally endangered or endangered species. It is surrounded by a marine national park. Much of its land, including the long-dormant Quill volcano and rain forest, fall within national parks. Statians are English-speaking and known for their friendliness. Scuba diving is exceptional and classed as some of the best in the world. Divers explore shipwrecks, old buildings, cannons, magnificent coral and sponges as well as a wide assortment of sea-life. Statia weather through the winter months is consistent and predictable, with days in the 80’s and nights in the 70’s. Lowest temperature of the high 60’s is rare.

Secure and Stable

A Dutch colony from the 1600’s, today Statia shares governance with The Netherlands. It is politically stable and virtually crime-free. The Netherlands and EU are embarked on a long list of infrastructure improvements. These include modern recycling, solar parks, agriculture improvements, road and harbor upgrades, revamped school buildings, new airport buildings, hospital improvements, etc. The island is tax-free. No taxes on income from overseas and no land or property taxes. There are no restrictions to buying and selling property. Official Resident Status is available after suitable waiting period.

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